I'm Just Kidneying enjoyed a successful run at Frigid Fringe NYC this past winter bringing home Audience Choice, Best Message, and Estrogenius Awards. Many thanks to LiveOnNY for collaborating on talk backs held on select performance dates. 

I'm Just Kidneying was invited to be a part of Phoenicia Playhouse's inaugural season of Phoenicia Fringe to both critical acclaim and audience accolades. 

“Heroes are made not born, you too can be a hero,” is the essential message of comic actress Amanda Nicastro. In her case heroism came when she volunteered to donate her kidney to her ailing sister who might have died without a transplant. What Amanda wants us to know and tells us in her perky non intimidating way is that we should sign organ donor cards so sick people can receive our organs after our demise. Sounds crazy that a solo performance with that message would be engaging but Nicastro pulls it off with humor and admirable self-reflection. Another winner."

New York Theater Wire 

July 6th 2019 

Phoenicia Fringe Festival

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